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RL Acoustique

Lamhorn 1.8
per pair

The RL Acoustique Lamhorn 1.8 incorporates the simplicity of a single driver and horn configuration to deliver the ultimate in musical enjoyment with no crossover induced distortions, distortions that rob the music of proper timing and emotional impact. One has to hear a high quality horn of this nature to fully appreciate the immediacy and palpability of the music. These qualities are further enhanced with the internal use of pure silver wire, which bring the listener another step closer to the performance.

The Lamhorn 1.8 uses the finest materials available. The cabinet is made of 25 mm ( 1" ) 17 ply, Brazilian Birch plywood without any voids. This wood is heavier and more dense than MDF of the same thickness. Internal wiring is pure silver foil GOERTZ supplied by Alpha-Core. It is the finest available and enables the music to flow with unmatched balance. Binding posts are Cardas Silvers.

The Lamhorn 1.8 comes standard with AER MK-1 full-range drivers. Lowther drivers can be fitted without any modifications to the cabinet.
The AER MK-1 represents refinement in the art of full range drivers. Carefully engineered components such as varying wall thickness cone, the strongest permanent magnets available, special square wire alluminum voice coil, and optimally harmonized housing dimensions have produced a full range driver beyond reproach.

Natural, Red Oak, Black Oak,
and optional Rosewood Available Finishes.

127 cm H. x 33 cm W. x 43 cm D. (50" x 13" x 17")

66 Kg. each (145 Lbs.)

Driver Specifications

Frequency gear (in suitable housing)20 Hz - 21.000 Hz +/- 2,5 dB
Transmission area20 - 80.000 Hz
Effect degree102 dB / 1 W / 1 m
Loading capacity (in suitable housing)100 W nom. / 300 W mus.
Impedance16 ohm
Direct current resistance14 ohm
Resonance Frequency38,1 hz
Mechanical Q-factor Qms3,9903
Electric Q-factor Qes0,4401
Totally Q-factor Qts0,3964
VAS68,9101 Liter
Air gap induction1,8 Tesla
Field strength250.000 Maxwell
Width x height of the basket20,2 cm x 20,2 cm
Total depth7,25 cm
Reinforcement hole arrangement rectangular14,0 cm x 15,2 cm
4 xs hole diameters7,0 mm
Sound wall cut19,0 cm
Weight (mass)3,8 kg

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